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yeah, thats my song! “Girl Like Me”.



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Appearances and News : Smiley Face Shopper

Brenda Song: Smiley Face Shopper


Brenda Song wears a bright smiley faceponcho as she shops with her mom Mai on Thursday afternoon (December 22) in Beverly Hills, Calif. The 23-year-old actress recently toldEOnline about her solar-powered holidayseason. “Something that my dad does every Christmas, which I love, is all of our Christmas lights are solar powered,”Brenda shared. “During the day they soak up all the sun and at night they roll over to the solar power, which is really cool.”


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About me. :)

I’ll tell ya something about ME! ;) My full name is Brenda Julietta Avery Song. I was born 27 March 1988 in Charmichael, California.
There’s more informations about me! *Look down* I was born in Sacramento… But was raised in Los Angeles. I’ve been acting since I was six-years-old — my very first job was a Little Caesar’s Pizza commercial. From the moment I started acting, I knew that it was what I wanted to do for a living because I love entertaining people, stepping into different characters and doing different things. The best part about being an actress is getting a role, be it funny or sad, and making yourself that character.

Brenda Song - About Me I love all my Disney characters…

"The Suite Life of Zack and Cody" was the first job I didn’t have to audition for. I think that’s because I’d done so much work for Disney, that they just offered me the role. Disney has provided me with so many acting opportunities, and I’ve loved my characters. They’ve all been into fashion, which is great, because I love fashion and through these different characters I really get to explore my sense of style. I have no idea if my fashion sense had anything to do with me getting the parts, but you won’t hear me complaining…I love it!

The character of London Tipton is really fun, but I don’t have a favorite of all the characters I’ve played. Every movie I’ve done has had so many memorable moments it would be unfair to choose a favorite. I just feel so lucky to have had all those wonderful experiences.

Brenda Song - About Me I’m a huge Lakers fan…

My dad and brothers have always been Michael Jordan fans. So I grew up watching basketball, but in 1996 when Kobe Bryant was drafted, my obsession with the Lakers began. Now they are the only team in my heart. I’m a crazy Laker fan. I’ve been booed for them, I’ve even gone to the hospital for them. (I hyperventilated watching a game and had to be taken to the emergency room.)

My parents are my biggest inspiration…

They are both so strong, loving and supportive, and have given so much up just so their little girl could live her big dream. I don’t know what I’d do without them. I hope one day I can be as great of a parent to my child as they have been to my brothers and me. Everything I do and everything I am, is because of my parents.

Sometimes the hardest thing is to juggle work life and personal life…

But I live out my dream everyday when I walk on to set. All I’ve ever wanted is just to keep working. I love doing what I do. I feel so blessed to be where I am.

Do you want know more about me? :) Add me on my facebook, I’m on it when I have time… JUST ALWAYS!

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Hey :)

Hey everyone!

This is Brenda Song! And… I’m officially for the first time on my tumblr. page!

How would my lovely character on “Suite Life On Deck” and “Suite Life Of Zack and Cody” say YAY ME!

I’m just here… ‘Cause I want my fans to know more about me! 

Lmfao. I need end for now.

So, see ya! :P